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SPA Members,

As we transition through the COVID 19 pandemic and current situation of unpredicted civil unrest, we had to cancel our Wet ‘n’ Wild event.  Our plan is to return next year bigger and better. For our remaining future events, those are still on schedule to take place with the proper CDC guidelines in place.  We are currently working with the vendors to ensure a great experience as well as following any CDC guidelines that will be in place at the time of the event(s). We will continue to support our membership with all the other benefits such as sponsorships, flowers, death benefits, and emergency interest-free loans. I want to thank everyone for your support and membership.  I hope all of you look forward to our future events as we strive to improve each year.

Chairman Gregory Munson
Sheriff’s Protective Association
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: Available to members under “The Board” after login