The Board

Greg Munson


Ronda C. Bension


Dawn Sweeten


Sandie Durgin


Grant Rogers

Board Member

Troy Cummings


Stacy Short

Board Member

Amanda Nielson

Board Member

Catherine Sison

Board Member

Tracie Maas

Board Member

Patty Serrano

Retired Members Liaison

Roxanne Burke

Board Member

Ty Muncie

Board Member

Erik Lloyd

Board Member - E.O.W. 7/29/2020

Kelly Barker

Board Member

Kristine Castagino

1st Alternate

Marquis Hines

2nd Alternate

Please Update your Beneficiary Information

Hello active members!

We have moved to a new platform with the website and have moved to digital forms. That being said we no longer have the ability to retrieve everyone’s beneficiary information. Please, update your information by clicking on the link below.

Beneficiary Designation Form