Who is a “Guest” ? 

A guest is the member’s spouse or person who joins the member at an event

Immediate Family 

All dependent Children, 18 years of age and under , that live in the same house as the member.

Can my family/guest attend without me?

All events, except the Christmas Party, can be attended by family if the member is working or unable to attend. They will be asked for their ID and a copy/picture of your employee badge.

Who can attend events?

All LVMPD employees can attend. Fees for non-members and family members over 18 will be listed on each event flyer.



Please Update your Beneficiary Information

Hello active members!

We have moved to a new platform with the website and have moved to digital forms. That being said we no longer have the ability to retrieve everyone’s beneficiary information. Please, update your information by clicking on the link below.

Beneficiary Designation Form